There is no sign of rain or snow in our immediate forecast, which has firefighters bracing for more days like the recent ones.

In Logan County on Monday, a grass fire burned more than 30,000 acres.

It's now fully contained, but not before devouring four homes and 15 outbuildings.

The fire danger is not just contained to Colorado. All over the plains, brush fires are sparking, causing red flag warnings across seven states.

In Kansas, several fire crews from Colorado are helping to fight even more destructive fires.

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More than 700,000 acres burned in Kansas so far and 800,000 in Oklahoma.

Denver, Eagle and West Metro are among the Colorado departments sending crews to help.

The eight firefighters representing West Metro say this is the largest fire they've fought in terms of acreage.

There are six reported deaths from the fires around the nation so far, though none are in Colorado.

Logan County farmers did report 200 to 300 cattle were killed.

The Oklahoma governor declared a state of emergency for 22 counties.

West Metro says its firefighters have committed to 14 days in Kansas, which can be shortened or lengthened depending on conditions.