A fire southeast of the Denver International Airport in Watkins destroyed one home and a garage and burned around 50 acres of dry brush.

It started around noon and the winds pushed the fire dangerously close to other homes. Three people had minor injuries and were treated and released.

Nearly 100 firefighters from 18 agencies keep the fire from spreading any farther.

“It’s nothing but a match to go up around here anyway. I can’t wait until it starts raining or snowing,” resident Ron Robson said.

Robson’s house is surrounded by harvested wheat fields. Much of the fields were charred just yards from his front door.

He saw the flames shoot up from a house down the dirt road but by the time he got there, there wasn’t much left.

“The poor neighbor, the house was already torched almost. Trees are on fire, smacking and cracking,” Robson said.

His neighbor Ray Agnew’s home looked like it was next, but firefighters were able to save it.

“I just thank the Lord it is good. That’s what I’ve been praying for. Pray for the neighbors that lost everything,” he said.

Agnew did lose his garage and a car but said he was grateful to still have a home.

Most of the residents have lived in this rural neighborhood for decades. They said they always knew fires were a threat and are glad the fire crews worked so hard to save as many homes as they could.

“Thanks guys!” Robson said as he waved to passing firefighters.

After the fire was put out, firefighters went through the fields with a blade, tilling the ground to make sure they put out any hot spots. They also had to break apart smoldering hay bales.