The woman at the center of an incident that involved an off-duty police officer in Fort Collins spoke to 9NEWS to share what she said happened last week.

Part of an interaction with Kimberly Chancellor and Fort Collins police office Stephan Sparacio was recorded by a bystander on Oct. 6.

In it, you can see Sparacio pinning down Chancellor.

According to Fort Collins Police Services, Sparacio was on his way to an assignment on Oct. 6 when he saw a car speeding in traffic, so he followed the car until it parked.

He tried to make contact with the woman, who reportedly tried to leave, and Sparacio "physically took her into custody" after an interaction between the two in the 1100 block of West Plum Street, police said.

Chancellor told 9NEWS she thought the whole situation was odd at the time.

“I thought it was just really weird; it didn't feel like a police officer," Chancellor said. "Felt like some random person who wanted to talk. I was just scared. That was the main issue, he looked like a regular person. Just a regular citizen. I don’t know what I thought his intentions were.”

Our news partners at the Fort Collins Coloradoan obtained the police report written by Sparacio. In it, he wrote the vehicle was weaving through traffic and cutting off other drivers. The SUV eventually made a U-turn and pulled into a parking lot north of the Planned Parenthood Fort Collins Health Center.

Sparacio was riding his personal motorcycle at the time of the arrest.

Chancellor told 9NEWS, “[the officer] he was like ‘you're in so much trouble, you just ran away from a police officer.’ I told him, I said, ‘I had no idea you were a police officer. Until you told me, until you yelled it at me, I was already really far away from you and closer to my house. I didn't see a badge, you didn't tell me that when I was like getting out of my car, you were just saying ‘hey, stop and talk to me.’”

Chancellor said the video recorded by a bystander was hard to watch.

“I was kind of glad it was on camera. It wasn't his story against mine, kind of thing,” she said. “I was just scared, was just wanting to talk. But he was being really aggressive with his words and stuff. I was really frightened.”

Chancellor has been cited for obstructing a peace officer and careless driving.

A criminal background check revealed she has a disorderly conduct charge on her record from last year.

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