A body was found in a grassy area of a Lakewood Walmart parking lot on Thursday.

It happened at the store on the 400 block of Wadsworth Blvd.

According to police, a customer came into the store and said they found what appeared to be a dead person in the parking lot.

When police arrived on the scene, they found a woman’s body in a grassy area in the corner of the lot.

Details as to how she got there and who is she are still unclear.

Police told 9NEWS it’s too early to tell if it's suspicious, but they are investigating as if it is.

There’s nothing at this time to indicate the general public is in danger, police say. 

On Wednesday, another body was found in a car parked in a Walmart lot in Longmont. 

Longmont Police did not identify that woman, but they did say she was in her 30s.

They said at the time there was no apparent danger to the public.

There is nothing to indicate the two cases are connected.