Xcel Energy officials say they've restored power to most of the 100,000 or so customers who lost power Monday during the storm.

About half of those are what Xcel Energy called "sustained outages."

As of Tuesday morning, the outages have been whittled down to 1,500 homes that remain without power.

Crews worked all night to get the power back on. The 9NEWS crew also found arborists up in trees in University Hills with a chainsaw at 4 a.m. Tuesday.

Xcel Spokesperson Mark Stutz says a lot of the outages are individual houses or groups of houses, and that those take a little longer to bring back online.

While we didn't have too much snow, Stutz says the problem is that snow was heavy.

"Because we haven't really had our fall yet, the leaves were just catching the snow and pulling it down into whatever, our houses, our cars and our power lines," Stutz said.

Xcel hopes to have the remaining 1500 back up and running by mid-day today, but Stutz warned that there could be more outages today as weaker branches give way.