Ellie, it's a dinosaur! A T-Rex... you said you have a T-Rex? My dear, welcome to.... the Denver Zoo? It may not be Jurassic Park, but it's pretty close. And they've "spared no expense."

Twenty one dinosaur sculptures arrived at the Denver Zoo on Tuesday. Eighteen of those sculptures are animatronic, moving around and roaring as guests walk by. Raptors, Iguanodon, and of course the mighty T-Rex will be there, standing nearly 13 feet tall.

The dinosaurs will join the 600 other species at the Denver Zoo. They will stand next to real-life animals that they share some traits with -- which means the zoo's flamingos and big horned sheep are going to have some strange new neighbors. The giraffes will have some competition in terms of neck-size. The famously long-necked Brachiosaurus sculpture will stand across from them.

The zoo also says they'll have a "Selfie-saurus".

Now that one may not have lived 65 million years ago, but it certainly is a fun one. You can actually sit on the "Selfie-saurus" and, of course, get a quality selfie with it.

But the life-like dino sculptures are only the beginning. The Denver Zoo will have dino-related events from July to October: Prehistoric Parties, Dino Safari CampOuts, and even fossil digs. Even the smallest of aspiring paleontologists can come dig for dinosaur bones.

You can come see the dinosaurs on July 1, but hurry up because these Denver Dinos will return to extinction on November 1.

You can find a full list of the special events on the Denver Zoo website.