Some people think they’re above the law. That, unfortunately, is not news.

But, what Colorado State Patrol is doing to make sure those people aren’t weaving in-and-out of the Express Lanes on US 36 and Interstate 25 is.

Multiple agencies announced Thursday they’re doing increased traffic enforcement along these busy corridors – in fact, since July, state troopers have handed out 900 tickets for speeding, failure to pay tolls and unsafely crossing in and out of the double white lines that denote the Express Lanes.

A new partnership has called from state troopers to patrol US 36 and I-25 for 4,000 hours a year – something that the director of the public-private partnership that oversees the Express Lanes says is the result of public feedback.

For the record, crossing the solid lines into an express lane could result in a ticket up to $1,000 and points off your driver’s license.

There are currently Express Lanes on I-25 between downtown Denver and 120th Avenue, US 36 between Denver and Boulder and on I-70 between Idaho Springs and Empire.