Stopping to pick up a stray penny off the ground may not seem worth the effort, yet one bank is trying to change that mindset by placing 100 fake pennies across the country worth $1,000 apiece.

Ally Bank has launched the Ally Lucky Penny Campaign to show the importance of valuing every cent.

The lucky pennies carry a copper color like real pennies, but feature the Detroit-based bank's logo instead of Abraham Lincoln's head. The flip side of the coin lists its value at 100,000 cents.

They've hidden the pennies in plain sight in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Miami, Denver, Detroit, San Diego, Charlotte, North Carolina, and Austin, Texas.

Those who think they've found an Ally Lucky Penny can go to their website and enter the code on the back of the penny to find out if they can cash out on their penny.

Hints on where to find pennies are being posted to the Ally website and Twitter: