Longmont is one step closer to legal pot sales.

City council has a public hearing and could vote on October 10 to allow four pot business licenses in the city.

Two of those licenses could potentially be taken up by pot shops just outside of town which the city would like to annex.

Longmont first put a moratorium on pot sales in 2009 when medical marijuana was the only game in town.

The city later expanded the moratorium to retail sales as those became legal.

55 percent of people in a Longmont survey last year said they support limited retail sales of marijuana, which sparked the city to put together a package to make that happen.

What they've come up with creates a licensing authority that will release four business licenses.

The people who apply and get those will have to submit a sort of background check, security plans, and public outreach plans.

We expect there will be a few changes before the final version is approved.

The city also wants to make modifications to a ban on butane on premises so the stores can sell lighters.

City officials said in the meeting they plan to work with the shops outside of town so they won't lose their county license if they apply for the annexation.