Ask five different Denverites to describe their city and you'll get five different answers.

Ask Kevin Padworski to describe Denver and he'll play you a song.

That's what happened when the city put out a call for artists to write a song about the Mile High City for the City and County Building's bell tower.

"How can I best represent people who are skiers, and yet live downtown or that are in the plains vs. living up in Evergreen?" Kevin asked himself.

He's a life-long musician who, among other things, conducts the Colorado Chorale community choir.

Kevin Padworski figured out how to describe Denver in a song. 

You can add commissioned composer to that list after Kevin won the city's competition.

"It's called Ascent," Kevin said. "It uses the first five pitches of the Lydian scale, which even if you're a non-musical person, it has this feel of Ascent right?"

The city wants to play the song during special events. Its first time ringing out from the chimes atop the City and County Building's bell tower came during the recent eclipse.

The Denver skyline in all its glory. 

There's no exact schedule for when the song will play, though.

Kevin does have one idea.

"One of the first things we talk about is, oh when the Broncos win. That's celebratory, the whole city can get behind that," he said.