ST. PAUL, Minn. - Captain Tarrence Robertson with the Minnesota Army National Guard has made his mission to serve our country his career.

Robertson, a transgender man, will celebrate 12 years in the military this September.

He is a combat veteran who served one tour in Afghanistan from 2011 through 2012.

Getting off the plane Wednesday afternoon, after spending the past two weeks at his annual training at Joint Base Lewis McCord in Washington state, he says his world was suddenly filled with confusion and concern.

“It seems surreal," he said. "Because just a few days ago I was talking about being trans and open in the military.”

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Robertson admits President Trump’s words within his tweets this morning hurt.

“How can somebody think of people that sacrifice everything in their life as a burden?" he said. "I don’t understand that at all. I have given up so much in my life to be a contributing member of the military and I am very, very good at my job. I am a very good soldier and I can’t imagine somebody thinking of me as being a burden.”