When it was announced Tuesday that a triceratops skull and skeleton were found at a construction site in Thornton, some area scientists got very excited. And so did 4-year-old Killian McEachnie from Loveland.

“He knew for sure there was going to be one here in Loveland, and we’re going to find it,” said Stefani McEachnie, Killian’s mom. “He was immediately ready to go out and dig.”

So with a small garden trowel, Killian is allowed to search for fossils in a portion of his backyard. Thus far, he seems to only be finding worms and insects.

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“I just want to keep that going--I want him to be excited to learn,” McEachnie said.

The family also got some dinosaur and fossil books from the library, to study up on Killian’s new favorite subject matter. He’s also very interested in grasshoppers and cars.

“There’s nothing better than seeing your kid get excited about things,” McEachnie said.

Killian, who is in preschool, will continue his dino dig in his backyard—and his mom will continue to support it.

“As much as I don’t want my yard dug up—it is exciting for him,” McEachnie said. “It’s worth it—it really is.”