Drip. Drip. Drip.

This time it's not a leak of Hillary Clinton's secret emails. It's a deluge, that poured into the hands of the FBI. It's now prompted the same FBI director who said Clinton was careless but not criminal to alert Congress on Friday that the investigation into Clinton's emails continues with this new batch.

Americans wondering whether they can trust Clinton are left to wonder what's in the still secret stack of emails being reviewed by the FBI. And just as the announcement was made

Is it too late to change my vote if I voted early? CSU political science professor Kyle Saunders says not this year, but maybe some day:

"As of right now, we don't have the legal framework. We don't have the technology. We don't have any sort of way for people to change their ballot once it's cast."

Saunders agrees the idea is radical to think even think about. The idea would require more than just legal and technological advancements, but a change of mindset.

"It would require a generational change in how people think about elections. It's not some comment thread where you go in and rate something. 'Oh, I really like this article. Oh, I really don't like this article.' And you click the down arrow instead of the up arrow, and you keep changing your mind," he says.