Listen here, Arizona heat, Mila has a bone to pick with you!

Mila, an adorable little girl living with her family in Arizona, took to Facebook to voice her "frustration" with the heat of Arizona's summer. In the places that experience those triple digits, of course.

Her mom, Katie, posted the video Wednesday and it quickly went viral with over 3.5 million views.

It's safe to say Mila's not impressed with the heat -- especially when it affects her food.

"Even my popsicle can't keep it together!" she says.

Or her car seat, which she says could be arrested for burning her. We'll support that as long as we can handcuff those toasty seat belts too.

"I can't even go outside," she says. "I'm sweating bullets."

Us too, Mila! Although, we're pretty sure your parents aren't going to actually sell you to cover the cost of running the air conditioning. Unless it hits 130 degrees...

Mila is actually known all over the internet for her adorable, far-too-relatable rants. Her previous complaints about being stuck next to someone chatty on an airplane has over 22 million views.

Keep it up, little Mila. Your honesty is always appreciated!