2017 9NEWS Awards

June 2017

National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) - 2017 Best of Photojournalism

April 2017

Radio-Television Digital News Association (RTDNA)Edward R. Murrow Region 3 Large Market Television Awards

• Overall Excellence - 9NEWS
• Continuing Coverage – Fueling the Fire 2016 - Chris Vanderveen, Anna Hewson, Chris Hansen
• Excellence in Innovation – Next with Kyle Clark
• Excellence in Social Media – Blame - Kevin Vaughan, Nicole Vap, Anna Hewson
• Excellence in Sound – The Sound of the Plains - Anne Herbst
• Excellence in Video – You Did Good Ann Perez - Corky Scholl
• Excellence in Writing - Chris Vanderveen
• Feature Reporting – Billy and Syd, Chris Vanderveen, Chris Hansen
• Hard News – Trail To The Next High, Ryan Haarer, Chris Hansen
• Investigative Reporting – DNA in Doubt, Kevin Vaughan, Chris Hansen, Anna Hewson
• Newscast - Next with Kyle Clark
• Sports Reporting – I Am A Cyclist, Dan Grossman, Mike Grady, Chris Hansen

March 2017

Walter Cronkite Award for excellence in television political journalism - Norman Lear Center at the University of Southern California's Annenberg School for Journalism and Communication

• Brooks Jackson Prize for Fact-Checking Political Messages – 9NEWS
• Achievement by a Local Journalist – Brandon Rittiman

Colorado Broadcasters Association (CBA) - 2016 Awards of Excellence

• Metro Market Station of the Year – 9NEWS
• T-1 Best Public Service Announcement; 2nd place - Race for the Cure, Drew Sidener, Enrico C. Meyer
• T-6 Best Single or Series Program or News Magazine; 1st place - This Land: Rediscovering Colorado’s National Parks, Kyle Clark, Chris Hansen
• T-7 Best Sports Coverage or Program; 1st place - Course to Coors Pregame, Aaron Matas, Geoff Sawtell, Reno Boyd
• T-9 Best Television Commercial for an Advertiser; 1st place - AAA Goodbye, Robert Springer, Jennifer Woodruff
• T-9 Best Television Commercial for an Advertiser; 2nd place - Cherry Creek Arts Festival, Brenna Mastro, Enrico C. Meyer
• T-10 Best Sales Campaign for an Advertiser; 1st place - Dependable Cleaners, Robert Springer
• T-10 Best Sales Campaign for an Advertiser; 2nd place - Lifetime Windows, Robert Springer, Brenna Mastro
• T-11 Best Feature News Report; 1st place - You Did Good, Chris Vanderveen, Corky Scholl
• T-13 Best Hard News, Spot News Report, within 24 hours; 1st place - Support the Troops, Chris Vanderveen, Chris Hansen
• T-14 Best Breaking News Coverage Under Deadline Pressure; 2nd place - Trooper Killed, 9NEWS Staff
• T-16 Best Regularly Scheduled Newscast; 1st place - Next with Kyle Clark, Kyle Clark, Linda Kotsaftis, Kerry Leary
• T-17 Best Investigative Reporting; 1st place - Fueling the Fire, Chris Vanderveen, Anna Hewson, Nicole Vap
• T-20 Best Sportscaster; 2nd place - Rod Mackey
• T-25 Best Use of New Media; 1st place - 9Neighborhoods, Kelly Jensen, Amanda Kesting, Caitlin Hendee
• T-25 Best Use of New Media; 2nd place - BLAME, Kevin Vaughan, Nicole Vap, Anna Hewson
• T-26 Best Station Website; 2nd place - 9NEWS.com