DENVER - Extending a record unbeaten streak that began in the 1990s, 9NEWS won the Colorado Broadcasters Association (CBA) Metro Market Station of the Year award for the 18th year in a row. In a ceremony Saturday night recognizing the best broadcasters in television and radio, KUSA received a total of 16 awards during the annual ceremony including nine first place awards. 9NEWS swept first and second place in three of the 23 categories in which it was eligible to enter on its way to a dominating 18th consecutive Metro Market Station of the Year title. Only months after its launch, the smart, funny, and unapologetically honest Next with Kyle Clark claimed the title of Best Regularly Scheduled Metro Market newscast.

9NEWS News Director Christy Moreno said, “We’re very honored to continue a tradition of excellence created over decades here at 9NEWS. We’re proud to be a part of a thriving journalism community that values solid, fact-based reporting in service to our communities across Colorado. And finally, we’re gratified to see that our efforts at innovation in all our newscasts, as seen most clearly in Next with Kyle Clark, resonated with the judges. The staff of that newscast has worked tirelessly to create an authentic, intelligent voice to give Coloradans a unique take on daily news that really matters to people’s daily lives. We’re looking forward to seeing how that newscast develops over time and how it leads our tradition of journalistic excellence.”

A complete list of 9NEWS winners appears below. Each first-place win (Award of Excellence) is worth five points while each second-place finish (Certificate of Merit) is worth three points. A station must score a plurality among all competing stations to win Station of the Year.

  • T-1 Best Public Service Announcement; 2nd place - Race for the Cure, Drew Sidener, Enrico C. Meyer
  • T-6 Best Single or Series Program or News Magazine; 1st place - This Land: Rediscovering Colorado’s National Parks, Kyle Clark, Chris Hansen
  • T-7 Best Sports Coverage or Program; 1st place - Course to Coors Pregame, Aaron Matas, Geoff Sawtell, Reno Boyd
  • T-9 Best Television Commercial for an Advertiser; 1st place - AAA Goodbye, Robert Springer, Jennifer Woodruff
  • T-9 Best Television Commercial for an Advertiser; 2nd place - Cherry Creek Arts Festival, Brenna Mastro, Enrico C. Meyer
  • T-10 Best Sales Campaign for an Advertiser; 1st place - Dependable Cleaners, Robert Springer
  • T-10 Best Sales Campaign for an Advertiser; 2nd place - Lifetime Windows, Robert Springer, Brenna Mastro
  • T-11 Best Feature News Report; 1st place - You Did Good, Chris Vanderveen, Corky Scholl
  • T-13 Best Hard News, Spot News Report, within 24 hours; 1st place - Support the Troops, Chris Vanderveen, Chris Hansen
  • T-14 Best Breaking News Coverage Under Deadline Pressure; 2nd place - Trooper Killed, 9NEWS Staff
  • T-16 Best Regularly Scheduled Newscast; 1st place - Next with Kyle Clark, Kyle Clark, Linda Kotsaftis, Kerry Leary
  • T-17 Best Investigative Reporting; 1st place - Fueling the Fire, Chris Vanderveen, Anna Hewson, Nicole Vap
  • T-20 Best Sportscaster; 2nd place - Rod Mackey
  • T-25 Best Use of New Media; 1st place - 9Neighborhoods, Kelly Jensen, Amanda Kesting, Caitlin Hendee
  • T-25 Best Use of New Media; 2nd place - BLAME, Kevin Vaughan, Nicole Vap, Anna Hewson
  • T-26 Best Station Website; 2nd place -