VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- Bryan and Madison Walker have shared just about every moment together for the last 17 years.

The Cox High School students are twins.

They both have passions. Madison is a talented cheerleader, lacrosse player, and now Pageant Queen.

Bryan loves animals, taking photos, and his favorite musician of all time- Michael Jackson.

Bryan was also born with Down Syndrome.

“In many ways they’re more alike than different and that’s not always apparent if you just look at them,” said the twins’ stepfather CJ Deni.

“When I see him it’s our connection,” said Madison. “We are bonded. We are best friends. So when I see him I’m so excited.”

And it was that excitement, and that bond, that got Madison through a new challenge this past year.

“I remember Bryan being anxious for Madison as well, it was like they were sharing the experience,”said Deni.

Last November, in front of thousands of people, Madison was crowned Miss Virginia Teen USA 2017.

It was her first pageant ever.

And Bryan was there, by his sister’s side, for the entire weekend.

“It made me super happy to see my brother was there for me and supporting me the whole time,” said Madison.

She won the crown, and the Champion for a Cause Award by raising $3,000 for Tiny Superheroes, a non-profit that makes capes for children with disabilities.

“Honestly when I’m older he’s going to be the one I’m taking care of,” said Madison. “I’m excited about that. If I push hard in life now, he’ll be able to have great opportunities when I’m older.”

Madison is just several months away from competing in the national Miss Teen pageant this July.

A contestant representing Virginia has never won.

But she’s got a lucky charm in Bryan - brother who’s reminded her since day one to just be yourself.