Of all the people concerned about police relations, Chief Robert White wants to meet with students to give them perspective.

"Mostly, what they see is the controversial, the negative stuff," White said. "What they don't get to see, 99 percent of the police officers go to work every single day and do the right thing."

The Denver police chief went to McGlone Academy to appear on a student podcast called "Voice of Montbello."

"If I wasn't going to be a police officer, I was going to be a school teacher," White told the students.

Sixth graders like Janneyla Martinez wanted to question the chief on issues from police brutality to shootings, the treatment of people of color.

"The students are observing that racism exists," Janneyla said.

She says students were surprised that accepted their invitation.

"But, when we heard he was coming, we were like, you know, this is a great opportunity to show that we care about our community," White said.

Chief White does not want students to be afraid of the badge and uniform. He also wants students to realize that they have to work towards a solution, as well.

"But, it also gives me an opportunity to maybe put a little balance to what they're seeing and the perception that they have of police officers," White said.

Janneyla says she was impressed with White and his answers to the students' tough questions.

"I thought it was great," Janneyla said. "Somebody who listens to our podcast are going to think these kids are right. These kids need to fix these problems."