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The craziest election season in modern history is coming to an end (hopefully) tonight.

9NEWS is following the presidential race, local elections, ballot measures and anything interesting along the way.

Follow us throughout the evening for updates, analysis and interviews from candidates. And be sure to check out our live coverage on Channel 20.

Here’s a look at some helpful links as it all unfolds:

Election results: http://on9news.tv/2fApALP

United States map: http://apne.ws/2eSXXdw

More Election Day resources: http://on9news.tv/2fjNw3f

8:58 p.m.: 9NEWS has projected Republican Mike Coffman will keep his seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Coffman will serve his fifth term in office after defeating state senator Morgan Carroll.

Read more here: http://on9news.tv/2fxk7Tr

8:46 p.m.: 9NEWS has called the Presidential race in Colorado for Hillary Clinton. More here: http://on9news.tv/2fBGt6Y

8:33 p.m.: Democrat Michael Bennet will keep his seat in the U.S. Senate. He ran against Republican Darryl Glenn in a hotly contested race.

Read more on the vote here: http://on9news.tv/2ek0Ffz

8:15 p.m.: Coloradans have voted to raise the minimum wage to $12 per hour. Amendment 70 raises the minimum wage gradually at the first of each year until it hits $12 per hour in 2020. Colorado’s minimum wage is currently $8.31.

Read more here: http://on9news.tv/2eKtiBf

7:57 p.m.: Terminally ill people with six months or less left to live will be able to buy medicine to end their lives thanks to a vote Tuesday. 9NEWS is projecting that Proposition 106 will pass. More details here: http://on9news.tv/2fAV7gy

7:53 p.m.: A ballot measure to restore Colorado's Presidential primary (Proposition 107) has passed.

Coloradans will now get to vote for their party’s presidential nominee in a state-run primary election rather than in caucuses run by the political parties.

7:35 p.m.: Voters in Colorado decided against Amendment 69, the proposal that would replace most private health insurance with a state-run, single-payer system called ColoradoCare.

Read more here: http://on9news.tv/2eBUbUD

7:26 p.m.: Check out this Election Day timelapse by 9NEWS photojournalist Adam Vance. He condensed eight hours of video at the Denver Elections headquarters into 10 seconds.

7:12 p.m.: Early voting numbers are in for Denver city and county. Check 'em out here: http://bit.ly/2eBPIRW

6:50 p.m.: The polls will NOT stay open, a judge rules. We hope you're already in line!

6:44 p.m.: 9NEWS reporter Victoria Sanchez says there are still a couple hundred people waiting in line to vote at the 8th and Downing location. Reminder that no matter what time this line ends, everyone who was in it by 7 p.m. will be able to vote. Still waiting on what Judge Grant has to say.

6:41 p.m.: The judge is deliberating whether or not the polls will stay open later. The suspense is killing us.

6:39 p.m.: The number of provisional ballots issued seems to be a hot button issue. Denver says less than 20 were issued. What is a provisional ballot you may ask? It's a ballot given to someone who believes they have the right to vote, but eligibility cannot be immediately determined.

6:14 p.m.: Federal law enforcement source tells 9Wants to Know the Colorado computer problem was caused by an internal glitch not an external cyber attack.

6:04 p.m.: Clinton surges ahead with 44 electoral votes to Trump's 31. Oklahoma goes Trump while Delaware takes its three votes for Clinton.

5:58 p.m.: Brandon Rittiman and Jeremy Jojola discuss the lawsuit by Colorado Democrats to extend voting time by two hours:

5:52 p.m.: Polls are scheduled to close throughout the state at 7 p.m., but the Colorado Democrats want more time. The Secretary of State's office says they are opposed.

5:46 p.m.: Horrible news -- a shooting in Southern California killed one person and wounded three others near a polling site. No officers were injured, and no arrests have been made.

5:39 p.m.: Democrats have now asked for an extra 2 hours for people to vote after the SCORE system went down for 29 minutes earlier today.

5:21 p.m.: So far, Trump is in the lead with 19 electoral votes to Clinton's three. The states that have been called (Indiana, Kentucky and Vermont) were not shocking -- those states typically vote with their parties.

5:10 p.m.: As we cast a vote for a new president, we can't forget about Barack Obama, the man who has been holding down the White House fort for 8 years. His approval rating has been high -- a near record high.

4:56 p.m.: Democrats are heading to court in an effort to keep Denver polls open until 7:15 p.m., according to Tweet by Secretary of State's Office spokeswoman Lynn Bartels

4:49 p.m.: The last political ad of this election season has officially aired on 9NEWS, a cheers-worthy event for this group of seniors in Lakewood.

This group is ecstatic that political advertising season is over. (Photo: Mark Gizmo) 

4:35 p.m.: Think this election can’t get any crazier? Think again. USA TODAY put together a list of the craziest possible election outcomes. Among the most wild: President Donald Trump and Vice President Tim Kaine.

It's completely improbable, but literally possible. Read more here: http://on9news.tv/2eBEU6w

4:28 p.m.: The last political ad has run on 9NEWS! We can all rejoice knowing the only commercials on our air will be for snack foods and local lawyers.

4:04 p.m. Our Election Day coverage has started on-air. You can watch live here, and Jessica has the latest on the statewide outage (that has since been fixed) below.

3:30 p.m.: The system went down for just shy of a half hour, and Colorado (including us) flipped out. We got three messages on Facebook, a few emails, and countless tweets crying #riggedelection.

3:25 p.m.: All is well again in Voterland. Lynn tweeted the system is back up and running. You still have 3.5 hours to cast those ballots, people!

3:13 p.m.: Colorado Secretary of State spokesperson Lynn Bartels said on Twitter with the SCORE system being down, in-person votes are being counted provisional.

3:06 p.m.: It wouldn't be Election Day without drama. In Colorado, all voting systems are down in an apparent statewide outage. 9NEWS anchor and reporter Jessica Oh (give her a follow!) says voting is happening "one at at time". We'll keep you updated when we get more info.

2:36 p.m.: If this year's election has you stressed out and frazzled, give yourself a few minutes to clear your mind and relax your body with some yoga poses.

Yoga instructor Kylie Larson takes you through an easy, 15-minute yoga session designed to relieve stress and relax your body. Get her tips here: http://on9news.tv/2fwXVZF

2:22 p.m.: Another question a lot of people have been asking: What if one candidate loses the election, but declines to concede?

According to NBC News, absolutely nothing. There's no Constitutional or legal precedent saying that a candidate has to do anything.

You can find more details here: http://nbcnews.to/2fP2Kl4

2:14 p.m.: It's not likely but it could happen.

Four times in U.S. history, the president has won the election, but not the popular vote. The most recent case? In 2000, when George W. Bush won his first term.

Al Gore garnered 540,000 more votes than Bush, but Bush won the electoral vote 271-266.

You can find USA TODAY's look this election and more here: http://on9news.tv/2fQyrua

1:52 p.m.: We've gotten a lot of questions from people about when to expect the election to be called.

There's no real concrete answer, but USA TODAY did take a look at historical elections.

Read the story here: http://on9news.tv/2eJRLH6

1:32 p.m.: You know the mannequin challenge (if you scroll down, the 9NEWS Mornings crew did it)? Hillary Clinton's campaign got in the action to persuade people to vote.

Should the Donald Trump campaign also take part, we'll post that video as well.

1:18 p.m.: Four years ago, voters in Colorado legalized recreational marijuana.

Now, multiple other states are making that same decision. About 60 million Americans live in states that could legalize cannabis, and another 24 million live in states where medical use could become legal.

USA TODAY has a roundup of where you might see legal marijuana here: http://on9news.tv/2fl5bHN

1:07 p.m.: Republican candidate Donald Trump refused to say if he would concede defeat if he loses Tuesday night, and contained to raise concerns about voter fraud.

Read the update on Trump from the Associated Press here: http://on9news.tv/2ejssg8

1 p.m.: Hillary Clinton described casting a ballot for herself today as "the most humbling feeling."

“I’ll do the very best I can if I’m fortunate enough to win today," Clinton told reporters after voting in Chappaqua, N.Y.

You can read USA TODAY's look at Hillary's Election Day here: http://usat.ly/2eJx0LB

12:51 p.m.: Sorry for the delay updating the Election Blog -- we've been updating non-political local news.

USA TODAY gave us a look at Republican candidate Donald Trump's day, which has included voting, interviews and tweeting.

"Let me tell you, if I don't win I will consider it a tremendous waste of time, energy and money," Trump told Fox & Friends early Tuesday.

You can read what he said here: http://on9news.tv/2fBYHDB

12:25 p.m.: In non-election news, Denver Police confirm that an officer-involved shooting happened in the 14500 block of East 46th Avenue. We have a crew headed to the scene to get more information.

You can check for updates at this link: http://on9news.tv/2ejjakD

12:07 p.m.: 9NEWS photojournalist Mike Grady saw big turnout in Aurora, where lines were out the door at one polling place:

12 p.m.: Voters across Boulder County have experienced delays due to a connectivity problem with the voting machines.

In Arapahoe County, there were complaints due to a ballot printer that went down temporarily. Authorities have also heard about signature problems.

A bi-partisan team of judges look at the signatures on mail-in ballots, and compare it to the ones on people's voter registration.

Read other full update here: http://on9news.tv/2ejeY4n

11:50 a.m.: While you're stressing out about the election, in the UK, they have a chocolate bar crisis.

Toblerone, the classic chocolate bar with almond-and-honey-filled triangle chunks, recently lost weight. In two sizes, the triangles shrunk, leaving wider gaps of chocolate.

The problem only impacts the UK. The reason why? The company does not blame Brexit, instead, it cites rising production costs.

Read more about the Toblerone crisis here: http://on9news.tv/2ejb3UR

11:48 a.m.: Here's a look at what Kevin Vaughan saw near the corner of 120th Avenue and Washington Street ...

11:44 a.m.: Across the country, election watchdogs have reported hours-long lines, sporadic equipment failures and confusion about polling places.

Problems cropped up in key battleground states like Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and elsewhere. There were few reports, though, of violence or voter intimidation.

If you want us to check out something happening locally, use #VerifyVotes.

And for more information about what's going on across the U.S., go to: http://on9news.tv/2fAzcnF

11:32 a.m.: Here's some useful information for Denver voters! You can use Ballot Trace to make sure your ballot's in, and everything's working as it should be!

11:26 a.m.: Here's our update on the election from our 11 a.m. newscast:

11:05 a.m.: What time will we know who won the presidential election? We can't say exactly when that will be, but the New York Times has an interesting look at when the polls close in each state, and how many Electoral College votes will be decided when that happens.

Here's the explainer: http://nyti.ms/2fQ1Wwo

11:02 a.m.: Need a refresher on the Electoral College? Here's an explainer from 9NEWS Political Reporter Brandon Rittiman:

10:54 a.m.: Many people probably take the fact that they can vote today for granted.

That's why we want to introduce you to two people for whom that's not a right. One is 31-year-old Maria Doling from Papua New Guinea. She just became a new naturalized citizen of the United States, and plans to vote immediately.

Read about her journey here: http://on9news.tv/2eiVug9

And in case you missed it, last week, Anastasiya Bolton shared her story about voting for the first time.

Watch the powerful video below:

10:38 a.m.: Dozens of people gathered around Susan B. Anthony's grave in Rochester's historic Mount Hope cemetery this morning to place "I Voted Today" stickers on the time-worn headstone.

Read USA TODAY's full story here: http://usat.ly/2fvZuHx

Jillian Paris places an "I Voted" sticker on the headstone of Susan B. Anthony on Nov. 8. 

10:30 a.m.: Are you voting today and feel compelled to share who you voted for? Here's some good news for you from the Associated Press:

Colorado's voters have a new right Tuesday - the ability to snap pictures of their own ballots and share those pictures on social media.

The state's ban on so-called "ballot selfies" was put on hold Friday. A Denver judge sided with a group of voters who said the 1891 ban is outdated and infringes on free speech.

State elections officials warned that allowing "ballot selfies" could lead to long lines and voter confusion. That's because polling places may still ban cameras in the voting booths, meaning "ballot selfies" could not be made during in-person voting.

The judge ruled the polling-site confusion wasn't enough to prevent people from being able to share their ballots if they wish. Laws against vote-buying and voter intimidation remain in effect.

10:15 a.m.: Are you worried one of your candidates may lose? Here's some advice for what to do next.

10:12 a.m.: Need a break? Here's 6 minutes and 42 seconds of BABY RED PANDAS.

10:05 a.m.: Here's some election news that's a little bit more on the light-hearted side.

9NEWS viewer Dave Masters got stuck in a ... unique traffic jam this morning in Evergreen. He was going to drop off his ballots when he found some deer also trying to vote ... or something.

These deer were on their way to vote.

As for the polling place itself? Masters says the parking lot was pretty empty.

Dave beat the deer to the Evergreen Library.

10 a.m.: 9NEWS photojournalist Adam Vance is at one of Denver's polling places. Here's a timelapse of people coming and going as they do their civic duty:

9:55 a.m.: Haven't voted yet? Or do you not feel quite as versed in Colorado's 9 ballot questions as you'd like?

Our political team has a nice write-up of what each question entails right here. You'll hear from both opponents and supporters: http://on9news.tv/2fXG0OP

9:50 a.m.: Not election news, but we thought you might find this interesting.

Biking and hiking (two great and healthy things to do to cope with the election) contribute $1.1 billion to Colorado's economy, according to our partners at the Denver Business Journal.

That qualifies as good news on a day where roughly half of the people out there will be disappointed, no matter what happens.

9:48 a.m.: Does the 2016 election scare you a bit (it doesn't matter which side you're on)?

You're not alone. That's why we need Benedict Cumberbatch's dulcet tones now more than ever before. You can watch the British actor read "Tale of the 2016 Presidential Election" to James Corden in the video below:

9:31 a.m.: Some big news out of the tiny U.S. island of Guam.

The territory has voted for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in their straw poll. Clinton got 71.63 percent of the vote, Republican Donald Trump received 24.16 percent and Socialist candidate Emidio Soltysik received 4.22 percent.

Though Guam's votes do not count in the presidential race since the island has no representation in the Electoral College, the island's residents have correctly chosen the winner of each presidential race since 1980.

Read the full story here: http://on9news.tv/2fdbO10

9:14 a.m.: If you're the type of person who relies on doughnuts for presidential results, then here's some news for you!

LaMar's Donuts in Colorado predicts that Hillary Clinton will beat Donald Trump by a 53.5 to 46.5 percent margin today. In the poll, donut buyers could choose between sugar sugar-topped donkey shaped doughnuts and red sugar-topped elephant doughnuts.

Before you read into it, it's worth noting this same doughnut poll predicted Mitt Romney as the winner four years ago.

Read more about the Lamar's poll here: http://on9news.tv/2fBjS8U

9:06 a.m.: Donald Trump has arrived at his polling place in New York City! We'll get a video of him voting (we one of Hillary Clinton below) when we can!

8:46 a.m.: Some local agencies are posting poll wait times on their Twitter accounts.

The Arapahoe County clerk says there's a more than 30 minute wait at Potter's House, and that voters might be better served heading to the Mississippi Avenue Baptist Church or City of Glendale locations if they're in a hurry.

The Mission Viejo Library polling place also has a 30 plus minute wait time, the Arapahoe County Clerk said. They say the St. Andrew's Village location has no wait time.

8:44 a.m.: Here's the latest look at how many ballots have been returned in Colorado from the Colorado Secretary of State's Office as of this morning:

TOTAL: 2,215,258

DEMOCRATS: 753,052



8:30 a.m.: Here's some useful news for you. USA TODAY has a roundup of when polls open and close today in each state. You'll find information about Colorado (for the record, our polls close at 7 p.m.) and everywhere else -- so share it with your family and friends!

STORY: http://on9news.tv/2fzNdlB

8:25 a.m.: Well, we're just going to leave this tweet from 9Wants to Know's Jeremy Jojola right here ...

8:25 a.m.: Matt Granite, our deals guy, does have some news you can use this Election Day.

Here's his roundup of daily deals -- among them, free pizza and coffee in exchange for voting!

See the list here: http://on9news.tv/2fzmUxT

8:20 a.m.: Some of you may have some serious questions this Election Day. Others are asking Google who Taylor Swift is voting for.

That's not a joke. According to recent Google Trends data, the most popular "who is ___ voting for" result is Taylor Swift. Next are Monica Lewinsky, George Bush, Al Gore and Mitt Romney.

Other popular Google searches include "where do I vote?" "What time do polls open?" and "What do I need to vote?"

USA TODAY has an interesting analysis of the Google Trends map here: http://on9news.tv/2fd00fp

And for the record, Taylor Swift has not publicly endorsed a candidate.

8:15 a.m.: 9NEWS reporter TaRhonda Thomas went live from a Denver polling place this morning to answer your questions about the voting process, and how you can be certain your vote is counted.

You can watch her live video below:

Do you have questions or comments? Weigh in on our Facebook page!

8:12 a.m.: Sure, we told you this earlier this morning, but if you weren't awake/reading the 9NEWS Election Blog at 5:40 a.m., here's a reminder.

If you haven't voted yet, we put together a list of Election Day resources. You can check those out here: http://on9news.tv/2fjNw3f

9Wants to Know will help you at the polls today by checking out voter intimidation, voter access problems and putting voters in touch with legal experts if something doesn't go smoothly during the election.

Use #VerifyVotes to reach out about trouble at the polls. Voters can also following any issues others are seeing at polling places throughout the metro area.

Our reporters and producers will be monitoring this hashtag throughout the day.

And for those of you who remain undecided about certain issues, be sure to check out the 9NEWS Voter Guide: http://www.9news.com/local/voter-guide

8:05 a.m.: Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams joined us on 9NEWS Mornings to talk about the latest voter numbers, and what his office is doing to make sure that the election is fair and safe.

Watch the discussion below!

8 a.m.: It has been a LONG election season, and no matter what happens tonight, the U.S. political landscape will be forever changed.

9NEWS political experts Ian Silverii (Democrat) and Kelly Maher (Republican) joined us on 9NEWS this morning to talk about the implications of the historic election, and what it will take for one candidate to come out on top.

See the full discussion below:

7:57 a.m.: Voting has been underway for several weeks, and today is the final day to do your civic duty. You can vote in person or drop off your ballot before 7 p.m. This should go without saying, but do not mail it in -- it's too late!

We have resources for this Election Day here: http://on9news.tv/2fjNw3f

TaRhonda Thomas was live all morning at a polling place in Denver. See her 7:30 a.m. hit below!

7:40 a.m.: Hey you! Reading this blog on the internet! You might be wondering why you aren't able to cast your vote online.

Here's an explainer answering that very question from USA TODAY. Check it out here: http://on9news.tv/2fk5qD3

7:28 a.m.: Some good news this Election Day? The weather will be beautiful! It will be sunny and mild, with afternoon highs from 63 to 68 degrees. Marty Coniglio has your forecast in the video below:

7:15 a.m.: In three New Hampshire towns that offer midnight voting, Republican candidate Donald Trump came out ahead 32-25. You can read a more detailed story from USA TODAY here: http://on9news.tv/2eRBX2C

7:08 a.m.: 9NEWS Political Expert and Pollster Floyd Ciruli joined us on 9NEWS Mornings to talk about how many voters he expects to turn out this year.

He also touches on the surge in early voting from the Republican voting, and how the turnout may be surprising given how the two political candidates have been considered some of the least-liked in history.

7:02 a.m.: Break's over! 9NEWS Political Experts Kelly Maher and Ian Silverii weighed in on which states they believe are essential to victory tonight.

You can see their analysis in the video below!

7 a.m.: This doesn't have to do with the election at all, but we figured it's 7 a.m. and you might need a break.

The 9NEWS Mornings crew took on the super trendy mannequin challenge. How do you think we did?

6:53 a.m.: We have an important public service announcement.

The last political ad will run at 4:22 p.m. The last presidential ad is scheduled for 3:49 p.m. That's right: It's almost over. Check out our countdown clock below!

6:45 a.m.: NBC's Tracie Potts is live in New York this morning, where either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will celebrate tonight's election results ... just 20 blocks apart.

Watch her report from the top of our 6 a.m. newscast in the video below:

6:42 a.m.: In the video below, we have a look at New York, where Democrat Hillary Clinton is casting her vote.

Her Republican opponent Donald Trump has not yet cast his vote. We'll add that video when he does. He should vote in New York City, which is where he'll also watch the results.

6:20 a.m.: According to Monday's numbers, 1,852,029 Colorado ballots have been returned. The Secretary of State's office says 652,380 registered Republicans have already voted, versus 645,020 Democrats and 527,706 unaffiliated voters.

See more of the breakdown in the video below:

6:15 a.m.: Here's something you don't see every day: Colorado's own Captain America wants you to go vote!

We did a story on him last night. Check it out here: http://on9news.tv/2fznbip

6:05 a.m.: The DOW closed up 371 Monday after FBI director James Comey said the agency is not pursuing charges against Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

We're taking a look at how the campaign affects markets on 9NEWS Mornings. Andrew Sorensen will be exploring the issue at 6, 7 and 8 a.m.

Read an article about the DOW here: http://on9news.tv/2fyTMXI

6:01 a.m.: Sure, you might have a million things on your mind this Election Day, but USA TODAY has a look at 7 and 1/2 things to think about.

You can check that out here: http://on9news.tv/2fAM5wn

5:55 a.m.: Need help getting to the polls this Election Day? Here's a cool service! Denver B-Cycle is totally free today (a pretty good deal, since it's normally $9 for 24 hours).

You do need a credit card to check out the B-Cycle, though.

Learn more here: http://on9news.tv/2fzjCZu

5:45 a.m.: This morning, we posted a story to our Facebook page about a school in New York that's correctly predicted the election in every mock vote since 1968.

The story got us thinking: How do you teach your kids about the election process? Are they involved in mock elections at school? Do you talk about it at home?

Weigh in on our Facebook page: http://bit.ly/2fWWhDT

5:40 a.m.: Good morning and happy Election Day! If you haven't voted yet, we put together a list of Election Day resources. You can check those out here: http://on9news.tv/2fjNw3f

9Wants to Know will help you at the polls today by checking out voter intimidation, voter access problems and putting voters in touch with legal experts if something doesn't go smoothly during the election.

Use #VerifyVotes to reach out about trouble at the polls. Voters can also following any issues others are seeing at polling places throughout the metro area.

Our reporters and producers will be monitoring this hashtag throughout the day.

And for those of you who remain undecided about certain issues, be sure to check out the 9NEWS Voter Guide: http://www.9news.com/local/voter-guide