The Centennial State is beautiful place to live; it's a great place to get away from every day stress and, in Tuesday's case, the 2016 Presidential Election.

This year's election has been full of fireworks, scandals, name-calling and loads of controversy surrounding rivals Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. In Colorado, more than a million people have already cast their vote and are ready for this election to come to an end, but unfortunately that doesn't put a stop to the political advertisements constantly airing on your television or the flood of news articles, election memes, or "friendly" debates about the presidential candidates on your social media pages.

We want to help give you at least one way to take a break from it all. What better way to do it than to enjoy some of the beautiful outdoor scenes from across our amazing state?

So good ahead - take a minute - check out the slide show of scenic photos showing Colorado's outdoors that many of you 9NEWS viewers have sent to us.

If that didn't give you a long enough break from this year's political firestorm - head on outdoors and snap some photos of your own to share with us.

You can post them here so others can enjoy them in the slideshow as well.