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KUSA - All seven bond measures in Denver that deal with 460 projects valued at $937 million look likely to pass Each of the measures had a lead of at least 2-to-1, according to 2 a.m. election results.

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The Denver City Council approved seven 2017 bond measures to go on the November ballot. The topics range from transportation upgrades to improvements to the libraries:

  • $431 million for transportation and mobility projects
  • $116.9 million for city-owned cultural facility improvements
  • $75 million for a new outpatient care center at Denver Health Medical Center
  • $77 million for safety facility projects
  • $69.3 million for Denver Public Library improvements,
  • $151.6 million for parks and recreation and
  • $16.5 million for city-owned facility improvements

According to the city of Denver’s website, the bonds will not increase taxes. Here’s the explanation they provided:

The city has older debt being paid off and has seen an increase in property values in the last few valuation cycles, which allows the capacity for the proposed new debt of $937 million without triggering an increase to tax rates.

You can read the full Q&A here:

9NEWS political reporter Brandon Rittiman did a truth test on one of Hancock’s ads in favor of the bonds that you can watch here: