A district court ruled Friday that former Republican state lawmaker Jon Keyser should appear on the June primary ballot, reversing a decision from the Secretary of State finding that Keyser’s campaign failed to gather enough petition signatures.

The judge found that the secretary’s office should not have invalidated a number of signatures gathered by a circulator who had failed to update his voter registration.

“The Keyser campaign was able to swiftly identify this error and promptly take action,” stated a press release from the campaign.

Keyser is the third candidate to qualify for the primary.

El Paso County Commissioner Darryl Glenn took the vast majority of votes at the GOP state convention. Former CSU athletic director Jack Graham was the first to qualify with a signature petition.

The secretary’s office reported Thursday that candidates Robert Blaha and Ryan Frazier failed to collect enough signatures to appear on the ballot.

Frazier, a former 9NEWS contributor, says he plans to challenge the decision in court.

The campaign for Blaha, a businessman, has not replied to repeated requests for comment about whether he will go to court.

Keyser fell 86 signatures short in the third congressional district by the secretary’s count. Frazier and Blaha both had larger gaps in multiple congressional districts.

Candidates need to collect 1,500 signatures in each of the state’s seven districts to appear on the ballot.