Tonight, 9Wants to Know and Rocky Mountain PBS are monitoring 9 key counties in Colorado to identify trends and watch swing counties that will help decide the election.

Denver and Boulder are two of the largest, most liberal counties, while Douglas and El Paso are two of the largest, most conservative counties. IF there are more liberals voting in Boulder and Denver counties than conservatives voting in El Paso and Douglas counties; that could push the entire state towards a Democratic victory in certain races. Adams and Arapahoe are metro counties that could move the election one way or another, but currently have more ballots submitted from registered Democrats.

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Finally, Jefferson, Larimer and Broomfield are three swing counties.

Those three have generally reflected the overall breakdown of the statewide electorate, and are currently more conservative leaning than in 2012. Before 7:00pm tonight, our estimates are based on the ballots submitted and reported by the Secretary of State. 9NEWS will be updating these results as they come in and the results on 9NEWS, and on social media.

We won’t know until polls closed, which candidates those voters actually chose.

Based on 2012 election results, upwards of 80 percent expected voters turned in their ballots early.
We are also monitoring how these counties are voting on key ballot issues, results that could show trends in if they will pass or fail.