Voters in Denver suburbs delivered messages to their city officials in the election that ended Tuesday that they want limitations placed on the growth that has gripped their hometowns in recent years.

In Lakewood, which rejected a six-month building moratorium earlier this year by a 6-5 vote, the results of a key city council race appeared to hand slow-growth activists a one-vote majority on the council moving forward.

Meanwhile, in Greenwood Village, candidates who rallied against the idea of increasing the density of development near Interstate 25 in that city appeared to capture a number of seats on a council that had voted just six months ago to move forward with denser mixed-use development around the Orchard Station light-rail stop.

The trend wasn’t universal. Westminster residents easily re-elected Mayor Herb Atchison, who has been a proponent of using urban renewal to re-make several areas of the city for mixed-use and multifamily-housing developments. And they appeared to put into office a trio of council members who are aligned with Atchison’s vision.

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