Our team of researchers fact-checked claims made by both parties on stage at the second of three presidential debates Sunday night.

CLAIM (by Trump): Ambassador Chris Stevens — who died in the 2012 attack on our Embassy in Benghazi — sent 600 emails asking for increased security.
VERDICT: Needs Context

Republican lawmakers released a list of 581 requests during the Benghazi investigation and say classified requests would bring that number above 600.

Democrats take issue with that number because some of those requests were fulfilled and some were replies to emails, indicating that those concerns were being discussed rather new concerns being raised.

CLAIM: (by Clinton) Clinton says 20 million more people have health insurance because of the Affordable Care Act

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services released a report showing that about 20 million people gained health insurance from 2010 through early 2016. These people got insurance through state exchanges, the expansion of Medicaid, allowing kids to stay on their parents’ healthcare plans longer and requiring insurance companies to cover people with pre-existing conditions.

CLAIM: (By Trump) Trump says former President Bill Clinton met with Attorney General Loretta Lynch on a private plane while the U.S. Justice Department was deciding whether to charge Hillary Clinton.

Both Bill Clinton and Lynch admitted to the 30-minute meeting that happened when their planes were parked on the same tarmac in Phoenix. But both of them said they didn’t talk about the case against Hillary Clinton.

"I agreed to say hello," Lynch said. "We had a social conversation."

CLAIM (by Trump): Bill Clinton was abusive to women and had to pay a woman
VERDICT: Needs context

Bill Clinton was accused of exposing himself to Paula Jones while he was the governor of Arkansas. A judge initially dismissed the case. Jones appealed and ultimately, in 1998 Clinton paid $850,000 in a settlement with no admission of guilt and no apology.

CLAIM (by Clinton): Millions of kids have healthcare because of work that I did
VERDICT: Largely true
Clinton did help create the Children’s Health Insurance Program, but did not do so single-handedly.

CLAIM (by Trump): Many people saw bombs go to the San Bernardino shooters
VERDICT: Misleading
People saw a lot of packages being delivered and a lot work going on in the garage.
That’s a far cry from seeing someone with bombs in his apartment.

CLAIM (by Trump): Hillary was laughing at a girl who was raped.
VERDICT: Needs context
Clinton can be heard laughing several times with a reporter in a recorded interview regarding the case of Kathy Shelton. Clinton was a defense attorney and, because of investigators mishandling evidence, the charges were reduced from first-degree rape to unlawful fondling of a minor.

CLAIM (by Clinton): There is no evidence that classified materials got into the wrong hands
VERDICT: Needs Context
The FBI says there is no evidence that her server was hacked but it would have been possible for it to have been hacked.

CLAIM (by Trump): Clinton “acid washed” her emails
VERDICT: Needs Context
Clinton’s tech team used free software program called “BleachBit” to delete more than 30,000 personal emails. She also handed over more than 30,000 emails to the FBI.

CLAIM (by Clinton): The vast majority of people get healthcare from an employer
About 60 percent of Americans get healthcare from an employer

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