On Friday, Colorado Republican U.S. Senate candidate Darryl Glenn supported Donald Trump for president.

On Saturday he didn’t. And on Monday, he’s back to square one.

Glenn’s call for Trump to quit the race lasted about 48 hours, ending in an interview with Fox News on Monday.

“Donald Trump did what he absolutely had to do,” Glenn told Fox News’ Neil Cavuto on Monday, referring to Trump’s performance in Sunday night’s debate with Hillary Clinton. “He reset this campaign.”

Glenn said he hopes to meet with Trump on Thursday to discuss the presidential candidate coming to Colorado in the near future to “share his vision for economic prosperity.”

That’s a reversal from this weekend when Glenn called for Trump to quit the race after Trump’s lewd conversation with Billy Bush became public.

The audio from 2005 featured Trump endorsing the idea that famous men can grope women without their permission.

Glenn fired back by abandoning Trump on Saturday.

“As a father, as a Christian, and as a Republican, I believe that we simply cannot tolerate a nominee who speaks this way about women,” Glenn said in a statement Saturday afternoon. “I am therefore calling on Donald Trump to do the honorable, selfless thing--voluntarily step aside and let Mike Pence be our party's nominee.”

Glenn was one of dozens of Republican congressional candidates who dumped Trump over the weekend in the wake of this recent scandal.

But Glenn, an El Paso County Commissioner, is the lone Colorado candidate to walk back such a statement. Glenn cited Trump’s ability to attack Clinton in his reasoning.

“[Trump] stepped up and took responsibility and then he proceeded to prosecute the case” against Hillary Clinton during Sunday night’s presidential debate, Glenn said on the Fox News clip.

Trump’s apology in Sunday night’s debate didn’t differ substantially from the video he released Friday evening. Trump characterized his lewd comments as “locker room talk” and pivoted to attacking Bill Clinton’s history with women by pointing to women who accuse the former president of sexual assault.

We reached out to the Glenn campaign to better understand what made him change his mind, but we haven’t heard back yet.

After his Saturday statement against Trump, hundreds of Glenn’s supporters publicly criticized him on his Facebook post.

“You just lost my vote and I have publicly resigned as your Pueblo County Chair,” Maria Spinuzzi Reichart wrote on Facebook. “I have removed the signs I put up and will be returning them to HQ.”

Chris Meagher, spokesman for the Colorado Democratic Party, said Glenn’s flip-flop should send a message to voters about what kind of leader he would be, “One who can’t step up to confront bullies, and one who can’t stick to a decision.”