KUSA - It’s the final stretch heading into Super Tuesday and potential Colorado caucus-goers on the Democratic side are getting an earful.

On Tuesday, the presidential campaigns for Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders both released lists of new endorsements in Colorado. Each campaign is targeting different groups of voters.

“They are working around the clock between now and Tuesday,” said 9NEWS Political Analyst Floyd Ciruli.

Coni Sanders is a gun violence prevention advocate, whose father, Dave, was killed at Columbine.

She is endorsing Hillary Clinton, along with three other Coloradans, who lost their loved ones to gun violence. Ciruli said Clinton’s focus on gun control here is by design.

“She’s the only candidate that seems to be willing to standup to the gun lobby with common sense gun measures,” Sanders said.

“That just happens to be an issue that she claims she is stronger than Bernie Sanders and that is gun control,” Ciruli said.

Also on Tuesday, at a gathering at the State Capitol, Bernie Sanders got endorsements from several current and former state elected leaders.

“His years as mayor, congressman and U.S. Senator have primed him well for this battle,” said State Rep. Joe Salazar, D-Colorado.

Ciruli says the diverse endorsements there are something the Sanders campaign is actively pursuing.

“One of the things he needs to do is tell these constituencies here – we’re talking about the Hispanic community, the African American community – that he’s credible,” he said.

But do endorsements like these matter? Ciruli said they can.

“It sends a signal that I’m credible in this community: ‘Local people support me,’” he said.

Whether that support translates into caucusing won’t be clear until Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Republicans will be caucusing March 1, too, but it will have little impact on the presidential race. That’s because Colorado Republicans decided to not have a “presidential preference poll,” which means there will be no statewide winner declared in that party.