Days after Ted Cruz completed a sweep of the state’s delegates during the state party convention in Colorado Springs, some disenfranchised Republican voters are planning to protest the results.

Those voters have established a Facebook event page promising to protest outside the state GOP headquarters in Greenwood Village Friday.

“I had never participated in a process like this like many and I really felt disenfranchised by the time we got to the state convention,” said Kevin Jones, a Trump supporter from Denver who was one of about 600 competing for the 13 remaining spots at the national convention in Ohio.

Jones told 9NEWS he isn’t sure he’ll vote in November’s election if Trump is not the Republican nominee.

“It wasn’t that anyone necessarily felt badly that Donald Trump wasn’t the ultimate person to be selected, it was just that the process didn’t allow for individual voters to have much say,” he said.

Trump used the results as a rallying cry Sunday and Monday, calling the process corrupt. The Cruz campaign issued a statement saying Trump always complains when he loses a contest.

9NEWS political expert Floyd Ciruli blamed the results on both the party and Trump himself. Ciruli said the state party made a major mistake last summer when they decided to cancel the statewide presidential preference poll slated for March.

“By not having a preference poll, they disenfranchised thousands and thousands and those people today, they are angry. Are they going to vote for the eventual nominee if it’s not Donald Trump, who knows," he said.

Ciruli also said Trump didn’t put much effort in Colorado, while Cruz established a strong ground game here.

“Donald Trump clearly had no ground game. He didn’t understand the rules," Ciruli said.

Trump plans to contest the results.