If the final weekend of the 2016 campaign is any indication, this election will end not with a bang, but a whimper. In the heat of the moment in Reno, it seemed as if someone had tried to shoot Donald Trump — but it was just a sign-wielding #NeverTrumper. The FBI's reopened investigation into Hillary Clinton's private email server looked like it could derail her campaign just days out from Election Day — but the bureau said "never mind, false alarm" on Sunday. We'd say this election is out of surprises, but we still have a few dozen hours before the polls close. If you're still undecided, both Trump and Clinton have penned op-eds for USA TODAY saying "pick me, pick me!" Then make your plans to vote tomorrow. It's the most consequential election of our lifetimes, until the next one.

Congress' pen pal James Comey has more to say

FBI Director James Comey wrote a letter to Congress Oct. 28, saying the bureau had potentially discovered Hillary Clinton-related emails and would search for new emails to reassess whether or not to bring charges against Clinton for mishandling data. On Sunday, Comey wrote another letter to Congress saying the investigation was complete and they're still not recommending charges.

Comey's original announcement in July that the FBI wouldn't recommend charges led to Republicans calling Comey a partisan for Hillary, saying the FBI was holding Clinton to different standards than others in similar situations. Last month's reopening of the investigation flipped the script, with Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid suggesting that Comey had broken the law. Since the announcement, Trump has been able to cut his polling deficit from 4.6 points to less than 2.

So now we're back to no indictment, and everyone hates Comey — either for upending the race in the first place, or for once again declaring that Clinton wouldn't face charges. Critics claimed that it was impossible that the FBI reviewed 650,000 emails in eight days to see if they were all duplicates of previous emails; cybersecurity aficionado Edward Snowden says otherwise.\

Reno 411

So what exactly happened in Reno on Saturday? During a rally in the Biggest Little City, Donald Trump was rushed off the stage by the Secret Service when a man in the audience, Reno resident Austin Crites, pulled out a "Republicans Against Trump" sign; while Trump supporters tried to take the sign, someone shouted that Crites had a gun. Police apprehended Crites and questioned him and discovered he didn't have a weapon.

Crites says the incident and subsequent allegations likely will change the rest of his life. Before the full details were released, some believed it was an assassination attempt on Donald Trump.Trump backers including Kellyanne Conway now believe that he was a Democratic plant — but there's no evidence, other than conspiratorial wishful thinking. Oddly enough, his name does appear in a (non-Podesta-related) 2012 release by WikiLeaks following a breach of Stratfor, a publisher and global intelligence firm. He's listed on a spreadsheet as a subscriber to a newsletter and purchaser of George Friedman's "The Next Decade." ("But weren't you worried about downloading a virus and ruining your computer?" Guys, we've been angling for a new laptop for months. We're COUNTING on a virus.)

Hillaryphiles: Dammit, Nate Silver, just tell us it's 100% Clinton

For months, Democrats, Clinton fans and #NeverTrumpers have turned to prediction models for assurance that The Other Clinton would be in the White House next January. But while several models are predicting Clinton's chances in the mid-80s or high 90s, Nate Silver's prediction models at FiveThirtyEight stubbornly remain in the mid-60s for Hillary. Huffington Post's Ryan Grim said Saturday that Silver was overestimating Trump's chances and "panicking the world," unleashing a 14-part profanity-laden Twitter tirade in response. We picked one of the few safe-for-work tweets from the middle of the rant, but go ahead and scroll up and down the timeline for the full data-rage experience.

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