President-elect Donald Trump discussed his relations with Russia and his business dealings during his first press conference in months on Wednesday morning.

Trump adamantly denied reports that Russia obtained compromising personal and financial information on him. The press conference was Trump’s first since July. The President-elect denounced news organizations that had published material about intelligence documents on Trump and Russia. Trump says it’s a “disgrace” that information got out and says it’s “phony stuff” that “didn’t happen,” and that it came from his “opponents.”

Here are the key points you need to know about the documents.

You can see a transcript of his speech here.

We asked 9News Political expert Floyd Ciruli about the main take-aways from today’s press conference. He says it was an unprecedented election that resulted in an unconventional President-elect. His transition has been called controversial, along with his cabinet picks, including Attorney General choice, Jeff Sessions, and Secretary of State picks, Rex Tillerson who had confirmation hearings today.

Ciruli says we can expect Trump’s first 100 days in office to be just as unconventional with many cabinet picks taking over departments they plan to change drastically.

“Whether it’s Interior, or EPA, or Education – they’re adverse of the departments and you know that as soon as they get in and get oriented, there’s going to be action, it’s going to be an unbelievable 100 days.”

Ciruli says during the press conference today Trump acted the way he did during the election, Ciruli says “ I would say watching the press conference was vintage Trump. He did well, he took on the press, like he always likes to do.”

Trump answered some questions regarding his business dealings and Russia, but Ciruli says the president-elect answered the questions for now, but will likely keep getting asked about the controversial topics that have surrounded his campaign.