Somebody in Denver voted for Bill Belichick to be President of the United States. The voter hoped to move the head coach of the New England Patriots into the Oval Office by 2017.

The discovery was made as the Denver elections division finishes counting votes. The elections division has until this Wednesday to receive ballots from military and overseas voters.

But they hope to have counted all but a couple thousand ballots that need to be double checked by Monday night.

"Any ballot that has an issue is brought up on screen and the software highlights where there might be an issue," Denver Elections Director Amber McReynolds said. Belichick was a write-in that came up during the screening.

What we'll never know is who casted their vote for the coach, but one could argue it was most likely a Colorado transplant.

Two election judges of different party affiliations have to review any ballot like this with a write-in name, or if a person skips a race, or if they have any marks that the machine can't read clearly.

That vote for Belichick doesn't count, by the way, because write-in candidates have to pre-register with the state by Colorado law.

Voters have come to expect quick results, although state law actually allows ballots to be counted into late November.