Colorado's Senate and House Democratic Caucus now have new leadership.

Members of both ruling parties met Thursday morning to elect their new bosses because the previous president and speaker of the house are retiring after reaching term limits.

House Democrats chose Democratic Representative Crisanta Duran to be the Speaker of the House today.

Duran is the first Latina to be elected speaker.

Republican Senator Kevin Grantham was elected to be the President of the Senate.

Both are talking about their goals and how to work across the aisle.

"I've already been talking with her (Duran) for the last couple months you know just trying to get some ideas of some of the options that we might have in front of us and we'll start talking about where common ground might be," Sen. Grantham said.

"Going into this next session we are giong to work on issues that impact everyone in CO, it's very important to me that we represent all four corners of the state," Rep. Duran said.

Both agree transportation is one of the larger issues they need to tackle.

"First order of business is going to be getting to work coming up with a transportation statewide plan," Rep. Duran said.

"Transportation funding, is probably first and foremost," Sen. Grantham told 9NEWS.

Both of the new leaders have specialized knowledge of managing the state's budget.

They've both previously served on Colorado's budget-writing committee, the Joint Budget Committee.