Donald Trump Jr. made two campaign stops for his father in Colorado on Monday.

His first appearance was in Centennial at the Centennial Gun Club for a public event with the NRA.

He discussed the gun laws he experiences in New York.

"I see how quickly that can go. The AR platform that I shoot with and compete with all over the country, I can't even buy anymore in New York," Trump Jr. said. "Don't let that happen here. We have to be able to stand up for our rights, we have to be able to stand up for the freedoms that make us Americans and you guys can do this because this isn't a campaign anymore – this is a movement."

Monday afternoon, Trump Jr. attempted to host another gathering at the Sink, a popular restaurant in Boulder.

The restaurant's owner later said Trump Jr. didn't warn them he would be stopping by.

The event will now be held outside as the owner does not think it's an appropriate venue to hold a campaign event.

Donald Trump himself has campaign stops in Colorado Springs and Grand Junction on Tuesday.