Of all the people waiting to see Donald Trump at the National Western Complex in Denver, nobody got here before Peter Miller.

"I've been either first or second for four events now," Miller said.

He got in line at midnight and waited all day. Miller considers himself a rally expert.

"Since I've been going to so many of these things, I kinda help coordinate and make sure people understand what's going on," Miller said.

Walter Raven is one of those people.

"Yeah, this is my first rally," Raven said. "I have never been to a political rally, ever."

But, he came this time for one main reason -- to share the experience with his 13-year-old son Nathanael.

"One day, you'll be able to look back, maybe with your children, my grandchildren," Raven said. "You're going to look and say that was me. That's your dad. I saw that and it was great."

Nathanael says he is excited to be a part of what he considers history.

"To be here is exciting and it's good for him to bring me and help me learn," Nathanael said.

Raj Rajagopalan is here because he wants others to learn that Trump supporters come a variety of different backgrounds. He is holding an "Immigrant for Trump" sign. He became a citizen after coming to the United States from India in 1995.

"I want to be here showing my support as an immigrant to show that immigrants do love Donald Trump, legal immigrants like me do love Donald Trump," Rajagopalan said.

Shanna Maretella says coming to the rallies is like being with family.

"The energy, the speeches, all the people. The people are wonderful. I come alone and make new friends," Martella said.

With the election just days away, Trump supporters hope his visit can win over some last minute voters.

"I really think the people that are on that fence. I think they'll jump off that fence on to Trump's side you'll see that he really does care about the people," Raven said.