Coloradans get to vote this November on whether to raise the state’s minimum wage, adopt a public healthcare system and let terminal adults buy medication to end their own lives.

That would be a lot to consider on its own, but there are actually nine statewide ballot questions this year.

Our one-hour ballot question debate special (above) gives you a chance to hear from both sides and make better informed decisions when you fill out your ballot.

And you can read more about each of these initiatives and amendments from the nonpartisan staff at the Colorado

Legislative Council. The agency produces the official blue book voter guide.

The hour-long debate special was condensed for time.

To go further in depth, find the full-length conversation on any of these debates using the links below to watch:

WATCH: Amendment 69 – universal healthcare
WATCH: Amendment 70 – raise the minimum wage
WATCH: Amendment 71 – make it harder to amend the constitution
WATCH: Amendment 72 – increase the cigarette tax
WATCH: Proposition 106 – legalize physician assisted suicide
WATCH: Proposition 107 – create presidential primary elections
WATCH: Proposition 108 – open primaries to unaffiliated voters