Thousands of mail-in ballots are being sent to registered Colorado voters Monday, 22 days before the election.

If you're worried you didn't sign up for one, this is the first presidential election where everyone's ballot is being sent directly to them.

"That's one thing that's changed with this new model, there was a change in law in 2013. What they did was alleviate a lot of the confusion because there were times where you actually had to sign up to get a mail ballot and request one, certain elections they were mailed to your automatically, then not in others," said Alton Dillard with Denver Elections. "Now, if you're an active registered voter, meaning you've vote or keep your address up to date, you get one sent to you automatically for all elections."

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Voters should be patient, but if you haven't gotten it after a week, call your elections office.

If you're not registered at all in the state, you have until Oct. 31 to sign up to get a ballot sent to you.

New voters can do same-day voter registration on Nov. 8. That means if you can prove you've been a resident for at least 22 days, you can participate. You will have to bring an acceptable form of identification. You will also sign a document testifying you meet all eligibility requirements.

There are some other new things voters need to know about.

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"One: That the ballot in a lot of the counties is going to look different. You used to have what was called the broken arrow ballot where your candidates name would appear, the point of the arrow would appear, a gap and the back part of the arrow and you voted by connecting that. Now you just fill out a bubble," said Dillard.

Click here for what the ballot could look like.

The second thing is the Denver Elections Office is telling people don't wait to the last minute to cast your votes. Postmarks don't count. The cutoff is 7 p.m. Nov. 8.

Postage costs 68 cents. You can forego the stamps and put it in a ballot drop-off box. If you do mail it in, it's suggested you do it by Nov. 1. To find voting locations and drop boxes, you can select your county on the My Colorado Vote website.

This year's ballot is long. Voters will get two cards that equal one ballot. Make sure to turn in both cards.