Republican Nicholas Morse is running against incumbent Democratic Rep. Jared Polis to represent District 2 (Silverthorne, Idaho Springs, Granby, Estes Park, Kremmling and other areas) in the U.S.House of Representatives (Find your district).

He currently works as a marketing executive.

1) Which candidate do you support in the presidential race and why?
Donald Trump. He provides a better future for our county and an opportunity for us to break up the political class that has taken control of our government.

2) Why did you decide to go in to politics?
I felt as though I could serve my community originally and that lead to the succession to where I am today.

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3) On balance, is the Affordable Care Act working? Please describe what (if any) changes you would make to the nation’s healthcare system if you had the power to enact a plan.
No, the ACA is failing and every day we see new insurance companies leaving exchanges across the country. Rates are skyrocketing, the cost has gone up and the coverage and quality of care has gone down. I would require competition across state lines, a refund at the end of every year to the end user if they do not hit their deductible and more customized insurance plans to better suit the individuals needs. It's time we begin to tailor insurance to the customer and not throw more people into enormous group plans.

4) Please describe a time when you found common ground with a political opponent.
We both agreed that we need to improve mass transit & our highway system. Our state is exploding in population and not only do we need to keep up with the demands that puts on transportation, but we need to get ahead of it.

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5) What should be the role (if anything) of government in reducing gun violence?
None. The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

6) What should the minimum wage be?
Whatever the employer negotiates with the potential employee. Nobody is forcing them to accept the terms of the deal & the potential employee should be able to negotiate their wage that they feel is worth their time & value as a worker.

7) When (if ever) is threatening a government shutdown an acceptable strategy?
When political parties refuse to compromise. We still continue to collect taxes while the government is shut down, we can pass emergency spending bills for necessary departments but by & large. The day-to-day function of the American citizen wouldn't notice a difference if the government shut down while the spending bill was being negotiated. If congressmen & congresswomen can't do their job, they shouldn't be paid for it.

8) Should local governments be allowed to place restrictions, moratoriums and bans on fracking?
Yes, but just like any other restriction, it should be able to work its way through the court system like we had here in Colorado. Once it makes it to the Colorado Supreme Court, they should accept those decisions and not impede the efforts of the companies who legally wish to extract energy resources & develop them.

9) If you could make one change to the tax law, what would it be and why?
I would push for a removal of the carried interest tax loophole so those who take advantage of it are taxed like the rest of us on our salary. If tax law is to be fair & equitable, it needs to be consistent from top to bottom. We also need to look at what tax incentives & laws we could change to bring back the roughly $2T in profits American companies have generated overseas.

10) What should be done to address the rift between minority communities and police in this country?
We need to improve the lives & advancement opportunities for those in the minority communities. As a half-Hispanic man who went to public school. I know the challenges you face from schools that are underfunded & have serious security deficiencies. Students are more focused on making it through the day, figuring out how they are going to eat lunch & are they going to be safe on their way home. When we protect our students & citizens in school and in the surrounding communities correctly, we'll see the relationship between the community & the police force begin to improve.

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