GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump has been hitting the concept of rigged elections and widespread fraud hard on the campaign trail lately.

In light, Denver Elections Division wants to reiterate there are several safeguards in place to protect the integrity of the process.

It's virtually impossible to rig an election, officials say.

Alton Dillard, spokesperson for the Denver Elections Division, says security is taken very seriously.

Ballots are kept in locked rooms that only certain people have badge-access to, and ballots are always sealed then checked out of each room before they are checked into another.

"In addition to the fact that even our 24-hour ballot boxes are under 24/7 camera, we also verify the signature on every single ballot we receive," Dillard said. "As the ballots move from room to room - even when they are moved within the building - they are moved by bi-partisan teams 24/7 under 24/7 camera."

The Denver Elections Division says anyone who handles ballots has to wear color-coded vests and pins with their party affiliation to make sure they are clearly marked and all teams are bi-partisan.