Thousands waited outside of the Budweiser Events Center in Loveland before Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump took the stage.

Dora Valdez was one of the first in line to enter the arena. She said she’ll spend hours waiting to hear Trump speak, but that it's well worth it.

“I wanted him to come so bad I wrote him a letter the other day and said, ‘Please come to Northern Colorado’ and voila, I clicked on the website and there it was, Loveland, Colorado," Valdez said.

Valdez is retired but some other voters played hooky to come to the rally.

“Don’t tell my parents," Colorado State University student Josh Williams said with a laugh.

Williams skipped his last two classes of the day to come to see the presidential candidate.

“Never been to a Trump rally before so I wanted to see what it’s all about. See what he had to say in person and see if really he deserved my vote," he said.

Williams brought another student along. For both of them, it will be the first time voting in a presidential election.

“I’m honestly here, like Josh said, as a political science student to really soak in all the energy and really understand what our candidates have to say and really make sure that I’m well informed before I make any decisions on my own," Pranaya Sathe said.

As the time ticked by, the Trump crowd grew.

“We need change for our country. I’m tired," Trump supporter Emelinda Arnold said.