Put aside the biggest question to come from Friday's stunning release of the 11-year-old recording of Donald Trump saying lewd and obscene things about women— that being, "Will it doom Trump's chances of becoming president?" — and consider another huge unknown: "How much will it hurt his business brand?"

Fellow billionaire Mark Cuban, who is a Hillary Clinton backer and could reasonably be called a Trump nemesis, clearly thinks so.

"Every single @realDonaldTrump hotel and golf course is toast. Done. Over. Bernie Madoff now has a better brand," Cuban tweeted Friday, invoking the name of the most reviled person in American business in the last decade.

Cuban also predicted the New York City-based Trump organization would face an employee crisis. "Donald Trump's actions have made any Trump emp who doesn't quit immediately, toxic and unemployable by anyone else. Expect a mass exodus," said another tweet.

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