Starting at midnight tonight, rain barrels will become legal in Colorado. This means if rain falls on your roof, you can keep it.

Each household in Colorado can keep two rain barrels for a total of 110 gallons of water. According to Conservation Colorado, a main backer behind the bill that made rain barrels legal, says anyone who lives in a house or townhouse with fewer than four units can use a rain barrel. No permits are necessary.

Here are some quick facts:

  • Each household can have two rain barrels

  • Only 110 gallons of storage capacity allowed per household

  • Rain barrels can be found at stores like Home Depot, Ace Hardware, Amazon, Murdoch’s, and the company BlueBarrel, which offers recycled barrels

  • Rain water can be used to water gardens, outdoor plants, and small lawns

  • Water from rain barrels cannot be used for drinking or indoor water needs

According to a study by Colorado State University, the 1,200 gallons you could capture a year will likely not impact other areas and the law requires further monitoring to ensure rain barrels never have an impact on other users.

More information: Rain Barrels

If you’re concerned about mosquitoes, Colorado’s Division of Water Resources website says “rain barrels must have sealable lids to prevent insects or other pests from using the stored water.”

Some properties with residential wells can qualify to collect more than the 110 gallons, you can find that information here.

Colorado Conservation also has more information listed on their website.