Red Bird Farms is recalling approximately 3,500 pounds of boneless chicken breasts and boneless chicken breast strips that were sold at King Soopers stores.

Red Bird says the product may be spoiled.

A customer complaint to King Soopers about discolored product brought the problem to their attention. Red Bird says there have been no injuries reported from eating the products.

How to identify one of the recalled products:

White trays of boneless skinless chicken breast and strips, approximately 1.1 lb. each, with the sell by date of Aug. 20 sold under the brand name of Red Bird Farms. There were 243 cases of boneless skinless breast and 108 cases of strips with 9 trays per case. The lot number of the chicken mentioned above is 720177 and 720199 with an establishment number of P-8139 on the red label. The Julian date at the top right corner of the consumer package price label is 7219 and 7221.

Anyone with questions about the recalled products may contact Josh Deaner with Red Bird Farms at 303-934-2200 between 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. MDT.