As of Thursday, most of Puerto Rico remains at a standstill after Hurricane Maria slammed into it nearly two weeks ago.

Most of the island remains without power and cell service is spotty at best, making it extremely difficult for residents here in the states to call their loved ones back home.

Including Andrea Berrios.

"It was very painful being far away from them," she said.

Berrios is a grad student at CU-Denver but she's originally from Caguas. She tells us after the hurricane hit, she couldn't get a hold of her family for four days.

"There was no reaching out and knowing the extent of how bad it had been hit," she said.

When she finally spoke to them, it was a 30-second call.

"They were driving around and saw that they had a bar on their phone and pulled over on the highway to call me real quick," she said. "They just had service for five minutes and they just let me know they were okay."

Her family is safe but her town is devastated.

"You see the devastation in the pictures but what they've told me is that it's not just the pictures, it's literally everywhere you go, everything you see...that you've known your entire life is now ruined," she said.

Berrios tried to get her parents plane tickets to Denver but the prices have skyrocketed to $1,000. She said even if she could book the tickets, there's no guarantee the flight will get out.

Most airports in Puerto Rico remain closed.

Berrios is hoping the island will get more help but she doesn't think the island is getting enough attention.

"It's not that people don't want to care, they just don't know...there's not enough coverage happening right now," she said.

Berrios' bosses have offered to buy her parents plane tickets here once they can book a flight. She said she's heard rumors that airlines will drop the price next month.

But until then, she's glued to her phone, waiting for another call from her parents.

"I just want to hug them," Berrios said. "I just want them here so I can hug them."