Music helped Ethan Perry break out of his shell. It taught him about discipline. It taught him resolve. Now he wants to share it with the next generation.

Perry, 16, is a Life Scout, working toward his Eagle Scout rank. So for his service project, he chose to benefit his old elementary school.

“It’s called the instrumental open house,” Perry told Next with Kyle Clark. “It’s a program designed to enable students to play the instruments of their choosing.”

Often times kids avoid band because they can’t afford instruments and certainly don’t want to buy before they’re sure they want to play.

During the project, Perry collected used instruments for Runyon Elementary’s band program. He’s collected more than 40 instruments for future students.

He also collected close to $4,000 to help repair those instruments and the instruments the school already owns.

“For many kids who are in even lower economic situations than I was, they don't have the opportunity to buy an instrument and for that reason money can stop someone from enjoying music,” Perry said.

"(Music has) turned me into a different person,” he said. “At times when I was shy and didn't want to do a solo it broke me out of my shell and it made me more ready to take on things in the world."

The second part of the project is a summer music clinic, where kids can come and learn about instruments and pick one they might like to play.