(KSL) Dozens of family and friends gathered at Utah's Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort Wednesday to celebrate the 100th birthday of a man who continues to ski and inspire those around him.

George Jedenoff celebrated hitting 100 by skiing from the top of Hidden Peak to Tram Tower 4. Jedenoff was joined by several longtime skiing friends, as well as his children and grandchildren, who came to see him attach a 100+ skier patch to his jacket.

As he came down from the slopes, Jedenoff was presented with a plaque celebrating his accomplishment with his favorite quote: "Age is just a number."

In a birthday speech, Jedenoff echoed the words as a key part of his life philosophy.

"Don't let the age bother you," he said. "Don't let the negative things in your life, of which we all have a lot, outweigh the all the positive blessings that you have."