Perspective is something that can't always be taught in the classroom. But teacher Amanda Duncan seized the chance when her students came up with an impromptu plan one day.

"Taking action is always at the forefront of what they want to do," Duncan said. "They want to do something."

Duncan is a dual language sixth-grade teacher at Foster Elementary School in Arvada. Her students, Gabi Kline, Sylvia Pena, and Valeria Dominguez had an idea to create a blog called "Social Science".

"We were trying to find a way to help, but still educate others," Valeria said. "So, we were brainstorming ideas."

They decided to create a fundraiser to help victims from the earthquakes in Mexico in September that killed 369 people and caused a great amount of damage to Mexico City.

"I felt sad because I have family in Mexico," Sylvia said. "So, I was like I wonder if they're OK."

They were. But these girls wanted to help those who were not even if they attend a school that receives federal funding because a high percentage of kids come from low-income families.

"It's definitely not a place where we have lots of extra money going around in our community," Duncan said.

But, Valeria, Sylvia, and Gabi (who was home sick from school Wednesday) put together a fundraising plan and presentation on their own to ask every student at Foster face-to-face if they could donate anything to help.

"We thought we were just going to get $100 with the whole school," Sylvia said.

Instead, Sylvia says they finished with a surprising total.

"We started counting and we got a total of $827.20," Sylvia said.

Valeria could not believe it.

"It's amazing that we were able to raise so much money," Valeria said.

Perspective - Duncan says in this community $827 is a lot.

"It really is. I mean $827 is far beyond anyone's expectations of what we were going to collect," Duncan said.

The donations are being sent to UNICEF which is organizing relief for the earthquake victims.

"It can help a little or a lot, but I hope it helps someone," Valeria said.