There's the peace and relaxation you get from regular yoga, then there's the sheer ridiculous joy you get from doing yoga with goats.

Those are the words of 9NEWS producer Kelly Jensen who attended a class Sunday at the Laughing Buck Farm in Fort Collins.

It's clearly a different animal than the bikram yoga, power yoga or restorative yoga classes you've tried in the past.

While it's not exactly relaxing,  goat yoga is sure to be an experience you'll never forget.

Finding one of these unique classes, that comes with its own soundtrack, is easier than ever.

The small goats are baby Pygmy goats and are just a few weeks old.  The larger brown and white multicolored goats belong to the owner of the farm.  They just hang out and hop on your back while you Yoga.

If you're not intrigued by doing your sun salutations and down dog with goats - there are other options.  The Laughing Buck Farm, in partnership with Om Kai Yoga, also offers puppy and kitten yoga.  We're just saying.