AURORA-9Wants to Know has obtained documents showing more families and victims may sue the University of Colorado over the Aurora theater shooting.

Since last month, nine more tort claims have been filed against the University of Colorado, bringing the total number of tort claims to 20. The claims are legal notices filed by attorneys who are required to notify an agency they may file a lawsuit.

Several of the claims obtained by 9Wants to Know blame the suspect's psychiatrist for not doing enough to stop the massacre. Dr. Lynne Fenton, who works at CU, is accused of not placing the suspect on a 72-hour hold, even when James Holmes allegedly claimed plans to hurt a lot of people.

"Dr. [Lynne] Fenton failed to act reasonably and appropriately given her knowledge of James Holmes, to protect the patient and other from danger, including those in the Aurora community," said a claim by Theresa Hoover, the mother of A.J. Boik. Boik was killed during the shooting on July 20.

When the first claims were filed last month, CU responded with the following statement:

We understand that there is pain and frustration among the families' of the deceased and victims of this terrible crime and we have great sympathy for them. However, we believe the cases are not well founded and the facts will speak for themselves as the legal process moves forward. We fully recognize that these notices are simply preserving an individual's right to file a lawsuit at a later time should they choose to do so.

So Far a spokesperson for CU says only one lawsuit has been filed. That lawsuit was filed in federal court last month by the widow of another victim who was killed.

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