If you haven't seen the Awkward Family Photos traveling exhibit yet at History Colorado Center, you have until Jan. 8.

It's worth a look as it contains some downright hilarious moments captured on camera.

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The exhibit is based on the popular website AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com and features a gaudy living room set of floral pattern couches, ceramic cats and hundreds of awkward photos.

Visitors can also take their own awkward photos at a DIY studio complete with backdrops, costumes and props.

This year the Awkward Family Photos website along with History Colorado Center held a contest for best awkward photo from Colorado.

The Thollot family from Loveland won it all with a fantastic picture called, "Get A Room".

"Our photographer said we should have mom and dad kiss. They were in front of us and my brother and I were in the background. My brother and I just had the most disgusted looks on our faces," Hannah Thollot said.

The family's winning photo will be added to the exhibit on Dec. 6.