After spending 40 years as a pediatrician in Denver, Dr. Michael Frank felt like he needed to do something more, something different.

"What medicine didn't provide for me was it didn't provide a creative outlet," Frank said.

Five years ago, Frank decided to pursue his creative outlet through music. Ever since high school, he had always had a passion for it. After seeing other people his age with medical issues, he decided to take a chance.

"Experienced kind of an illness of my own that kind of shook me up and made me think if I am really passionate about something else in life, if not now, when?" Frank said.

He started taking part-time classes to learn more about music composition while he was still practicing medicine.

"A lot of people think they have to just completely stop something and do something else and I figured out that I didn't need to do that," Frank said. "I needed to do something in addition to what I was doing."

In that time, Frank has a written a variety of pieces from Brazilian to sonatas to Baroque.

"I didn't want to pass on from this Earth without really giving music more of a chance," Frank said. "I always regretted not doing a music minor in college."

After five years, Frank earned his degree. Regis is holding graduation ceremonies this weekend, but Frank will leave the ceremonies to the traditional students. 

"It is a big deal, but it's more like a retirement than it is a graduation," Frank said.